The Maine Media campus is gearing up to introduce its dedicated art gallery – the Haas Gallery for Contemporary Art. This space, designed for contemporary media art, promises to be a vibrant nexus of creative interactions among artists, students, and the wider community.

Dedicated to the exploration and appreciation of contemporary art and ideas, the Haas Gallery owes its existence to an anonymous benefactor. This generous donation from a committed student has transformed the Maine Media campus, amplifying its capacity to showcase and honor the creative feats of its community.

Credit: Lane Gower / Maine Media

The inaugural exhibition, scheduled to run from May 25 to June 5, 2023, will feature works by the 2023 graduating class of the Professional Certificate in Visual Storytelling (PCVS) program. The art on display is an array of varied themes and materials, representing the diverse interests of the students. This exhibition signifies not just the culmination of their studies, but also their foray into the world of visual storytelling.

“The Haas Gallery is the start of something truly remarkable,” shared President Michael Mansfield, filled with anticipation. “Our gratitude towards the donor is boundless. This was a much-needed addition to our campus and community.”

Nils Tcheyan, the Board Chair, echoed Mansfield’s excitement. “We can’t wait to inaugurate the Haas Gallery with the work of our PCVS students. Our heartfelt thanks go to our donor. This new gallery will be an invaluable resource for our students, and we’re overjoyed about its potential.”

Credit: Lane Gower / Maine Media

Occupying a 1,200 square-foot area, the Haas Gallery will hold exhibitions throughout the year. Alongside the work of local and international artists, the gallery will also highlight creations by Maine Media students and faculty. The gallery’s inauguration is a fitting way to celebrate Maine Media’s 50th anniversary.

Moreover, the anonymous benefactor’s donation extends beyond the creation of the gallery. It will also enable the relocation of the campus library to a larger venue. The library, which boasts a collection of over 4,000 titles across art, photography, writing, and media studies, had outgrown its previous space. Now, it will be moved to a new facility better suited for its expansive repertoire.

This new era for Maine Media celebrates not only its past but also sets the stage for its future. The Haas Gallery, open to the public during business hours and offering free admission, is a testament to the campus’s dedication to nurturing the arts, creating opportunities, and acknowledging achievements. As it has done since its inception in 1973, Maine Media continues to serve its diverse and global student community by providing a fertile ground for creativity.

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