Watson Mere‘s dynamic exhibition “You Are the Myth” is set to captivate audiences from July 1st until July 28th at Chashama, located at 227 West 29th Street, New York. The collection is an exploration of mythologies across diverse cultures, juxtaposed against modern black diasporic themes. Mere, driven by world events, personal experiences, and global narratives, has been building this vibrant body of work since 2021.

The exhibition, embodying the role of a contemporary griot, leverages the power of myth to weave a story across time and space. By integrating tales from the Bible, Egyptian mythology, Yoruba Orisha legend, and more, Mere provides a bridge between the past, present, and future. Each art piece, through its unique narrative and intricate details, beckons the viewer to question societal perspectives and reflect on their own life journey.

A notable piece, “Goliath,” portrays a young black woman, her gaze affixed on a withering flower amidst a field of sunflowers. This image echoes the African head basket carrier motif in a modern aesthetic, symbolizing the strength and resilience of black womanhood.

In contrast, “Like Georgia Clay in The Mornin’” challenges the concept of nudity and societal perceptions, subverting the Garden of Eden narrative. This depiction demonstrates Mere’s expertise in visual storytelling, successfully conveying multiple narratives within a single composition.

The artist’s oeuvre not only includes traditional mediums like acrylics, oils, pastels, and chalk but also embraces the digital realm. Mere has showcased his adeptness with Microsoft Paint, a program he has been employing for nearly a quarter of a century to create striking art pieces.

Describing his work as “portals” or “windows,” Mere suggests that each piece holds a mirror to the viewer’s experiences or provides a new perspective that invites them to consider different ideas and perspectives. His ambition is to provoke engagement, urging viewers to interact actively with his art rather than passively observe.

Mere, who maintains a studio at The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts in Times Square, Manhattan, has been a prominent figure in the art scene for the past seven years. His work has been showcased worldwide and earned numerous accolades, including the 2022 Elizabeth Foundation For The Arts Studio Program and the 2018 Jean-Michel Basquiat Award from Creole Image Honors.

For those looking to immerse themselves in the fascinating exploration of myths, culture, and the human experience – Watson Mere’s exhibit is a delightful pleasure.

Who is Watson Mere?

Watson Mere is a Haitian-American artist and visual storyteller known for his vibrant representations of the African diaspora. Born in Belle Glade, Florida, to Haitian immigrants, Mere began creating art at age two and drew inspiration from iconic artists like Picasso, Basquiat, and Hector Hyppolite. He holds degrees in Business Administration from Florida A&M University, an academic background that adds depth to his artistic endeavors. Over the past seven years, Mere’s work has been exhibited worldwide, earning several accolades such as the Jean-Michel Basquiat Award from Creole Image Honors and the NextGen 10 from C-Suite Quarterly. Currently, Mere lives in Brooklyn, New York, and operates out of his Midtown Manhattan studio. This recent solo exhibition in Manhattan marks a significant milestone in his burgeoning career.

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