Tampa Museum of Art has received a significant financial boost for its newly acquired Haitian art collection. Bank of America has provided a $100,000 grant to help in the preservation and presentation of this culturally significant assortment of Haitian artworks.

This collection, bequeathed by the Arthur R. Albrecht Revocable Trust, comprises paintings, sculptures, and framed maps, echoing the rich cultural heritage of Haiti. Albrecht, known for his dedication to collecting Haitian art, was also involved in various philanthropic activities in the country.

Museum Executive Director Michael Tomor underscored the grant’s importance, heralding it as an exemplar of fruitful collaborations between businesses and arts institutions. The fund is set to complement a previous $1 million endowment from the Albrecht Trust, allowing a larger share of the Trust to support educational programs related to the new art pieces.

Bank of America Tampa Bay president, Bill Goede, emphasized the role of the private sector in ensuring the survival and flourishing of arts in communities. He described the Bank’s investment in arts and culture as a strategy to enhance community cohesion and celebrate Tampa’s vibrant Haitian diaspora.

The grant is part of Bank of America’s Art Conservation Project, a global initiative supporting the conservation of culturally or historically significant artworks. Since its inception in 2010, the project has backed over 237 projects in 40 countries, safeguarding an array of paintings, sculptures, and architectural pieces.

This recent support aligns with Tampa Museum of the Art’s ongoing Centennial Campaign for Renovation and Expansion. In 2021, the Museum embarked on a significant renovation, and it recently completed the expansion of its educational facilities. The new enhancements are anticipated to quadruple the number of students served annually, marking a notable milestone for the Museum and the community it serves.

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