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REI Dividends Are Available!

The truth is that we should have been doing a better job sharing what makes the co-op special. Also read: 20% Off Old Navy Canada Coupons, Promo Codes Access to World Luxury Hotels & Resorts: When you book your next hotel stay through Mastercard’s luxury hotels and resorts portal you can receive special perks. This divided can then be traded in for cash, checks, or purchases at REI. You can immediately use the dividend to make purchases at REI locations. And you can feel that REI buzz when you visit one of their stores. REI membership is required at checkout. A checkout employee laughed in my face yesterday when I told him I didn’t have a membership. These include things like complimentary Wi-Fi, breakfast or late checkout. And the most important thing is that our employees in our stores know that their skill, deep outdoor knowledge and customer service are the things that matter above everything. A few times a year, these stores unload returned and leftover items that can not be put back on the shelf and sell them in a garage sale-type setting.

How Does It Compare to Other Credit Cards?

I wrote a series of backpacking posts (you can find at the end of this article). Towards the end I began to realize that to a certain extent REI is like a Ponzi scheme. Makes me not ever want a membership, and makes me not want to shop at REI. If your vehicle can’t accommodate a hitch rack or you just don’t want one, a trunk-mounted bike rack is a great option. If you want to open just one credit card, make it the Citi® Double Cash Card unless you only plan to use your card exclusively for REI purchases. The best way to get a sense of a credit card’s value is to compare it against other available options. Also read: Best Time To Buy Cheap Tickets For Southwest Airlines Like anything else, one has to compare prices. How Does It Compare to Other Credit Cards? Enhanced price protection: With Mastercard credit cards, cardholders can get money back if the price of an item they bought drops within 60 days of the purchase. And any money that goes towards that, REI Co-op membership dollars or not, is awesome.

REI Dividends Are Available!

I pay off my balance each month, so this is like “free” money for gear for me.

Having said that, we may have lost sight of the bigger picture. Therefore you could easily get one, two or even three cards with little financial impact — other than the hard inquiries and new accounts which would have a temporary effect on your credit score. A lot of people think the dividend just gives you store credit. Also read: Choosing College Apartment Decor I note this year that a person can get 20% off 1 item from REI regular store and also an additional 20% off 1 item at the REI outlet store, both available on line. The Chase Freedom® is one of our favorite cash back credit cards because of the high potential returns users can get. The REI Credit Card is fairly unique in that it is one of the few World Mastercards to come with no annual fee. The REI Clearance Sale. The REI garage sale. REI uses expert local guides, keeps the group sizes small, and takes you to fabulously wild places like Antarctica and New Zealand. I pay off my balance each month, so this is like “free” money for gear for me. Sure I could get money back via the 10% dividend, but I didn’t know if the membership would even pay for itself.

  • REI Membership Dividend, aka 10% Back On All Your Purchases
  • REI Co-op World Mastercard is issued by U.S. Bank National Association
  • Rental car insurance
  • If you’re a new member, you can sign up today and still earn the bonus
  • 20% Off All KEEN Footwear for Women, Men & Kids
  • Access to REI “Garage Sales” on returned gear
  • Checkout and apply promo code ANNIV18 to 20% and extra 20% off respectively
  • 5% back at REI

People new to the outdoor world of climbing, hiking, backpacking, and beyond, often ask: is an REI membership worth it? Access to REI “Garage Sales” on returned gear. REI is a co-op store that sells clothing and gear for outdoor and adventure sports from name brand companies. Over the years, I’ve been lucky to have a store I could rely on to help save me from my own inept gear preparation. Also read: Does It Mean More Bang For Your Buck. The guy in the green vest helped me stuff the pack full of sandbags, and then I walked around the store for a bit before I decided to take the plunge. In 2007 they decided to peg the dividend payout at 10% of full priced purchase. HOWEVER, a ton of these items like sale items, Garage items, etc. can earn you 5% back if you use the REI Co-Op Mastercard to purchase them. At the same time, it should be noted that it has no annual fee, so it’s not a bad idea to get it for the discounts in can give you.