Stepping into Women’s History Month with a powerful statement, the John Natsoulas Gallery gears up to host a landmark exhibition – ‘Women of Northern California: Making Meaning for Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.’ This vibrant showcase honors the women who have shaped and continue to revolutionize Northern California’s art scene. From social, political, and cultural landscapes, this region’s extraordinary women artists draw inspiration, channeling it into groundbreaking art forms.

Over the years, women have been the backbone of the Californian artistic community, initiating new directions for art and stirring progressive movements. Yet, their monumental contribution often remains marginalized, a disparity that the exhibition and its accompanying publication aim to rectify. This thoughtfully curated spectacle serves as a tribute to the trailblazing women artists who pushed boundaries and dared to re-imagine artistic expression.

From photography, painting, ceramics, and sculpture to textiles, video, and installation art, every medium known to the art world shines in this exhibition. These women artists, both from the past and the present, spotlight the resilience and adaptability of the artistic legacies they established. Their vision, often a light for other women, reveals a promising and exciting future for the Northern Californian art scene.

The grandeur kicks off on Saturday, March 4, with an opening reception set to take place between 7:00 – 9:00 pm. Anticipate a night of art appreciation, refreshing conversations, and a captivating performance by the talented Allison Fall, one of the exhibition’s showcased artists.

Further enriching the program, March 10 welcomes a book signing event featuring the prominent artist Julia Couzens. Couzens will discuss her powerful feminist series, ‘Textile Tags,’ providing insights into her creative process and artistic perspective.

The exhibition spotlights a wide array of artists including Salma Arastu, Ruth Asawa, Joan Brown, Squeak Carnwath, Julia Couzens, Jay DeFeo, Allison Fall, Viola Frey, Kim Frohsin, Franceska Gamez, and many more. Their creative voices and enduring influence reverberate through their art, making the ‘Women of Northern California: Making Meaning for Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow’ an unmissable event for art enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

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