Marina Morza, previously renowned for her avant-garde fashion creations, is now steering her artistic prowess into uncharted waters, leading the surge of “Multidimensional Art.” On September 16th, nearly 100 art goers witnessed the unveiling of this groundbreaking concept at the Natural Selection Pop Up Gallery. Surrounded by candle light, Morza showed the fire in her heart.

The event was held at Heritage Hall. During which, she reminded the audience Multidimensional Art isn’t just another exhibit to but hung but it’s a movement. Her work was a sensory experience that intertwines art with spirituality, taking viewers on a voyage that transcends the traditional. The essence of this new form lies in its ability to immerse, to pull you into a realm crafted through layers of paint and emotion.

Marina’s transition from the world of fashion to this innovative art form is noteworthy. Her unique abstract language, developed over years of evolving creativity, now finds expression on canvases. Through her art, Marina seeks to capture the intangible — the raw essence of emotions, presenting them in a manner that resonates deeply with viewers.

The “Portals” Collection, a highlight of the event, is emblematic of her artistic journey. These paintings are more than just a visual treat; they’re gateways to worlds brimming with stories, emotions, and mysteries. The pieces, painted on repurposed canvas and wood, shimmer in neon hues, making a striking contrast against their black backdrops.

Yet, what truly sets Marina’s work apart is the curated environment in which it’s showcased. The “Art in the Dark” concept invites attendees to navigate the gallery holding only a candle for light, allowing each piece to be discovered, to come alive in the shadows, and to reveal its story in intimate proximity.

Further enhancing the experience, Marina introduces art meditation sessions. These guided encounters offer participants a deeper connection with the art, enabling a spiritual and emotional communion rarely seen in conventional galleries.

Art Currents saw the Instagram posts from attendees. It could be summed up by saying, “It’s not just art; it’s an experience.” Many felt connected, not just to the art, but to themselves. Overall, while it took time for eyes to adjust, the Marina’s emotions were on full display.

Marina Morza’s foray into Multidimensional Art is not just a personal artistic evolution; it’s a signal to the broader art community. A call to push boundaries, to redefine conventions, and to craft experiences that linger long after the lights come back on.

Giselle has a knack for finding the soul in every sculpture. She turns marble into poetry and bronze into sonnets - a true alchemist of the written word.