Emerging on the art scene is Level & Co., an intriguing development set to redefine the future of the art market. Masterworks‘ latest brainchild, this gallery goes beyond the traditional, offering a refreshing, transparent approach to art investment. It is set to function like an art market merchant bank, housing works from Masterworks and other institutional collections.

The gallery intends to showcase post-war and contemporary artworks valued over $1 million. The repertoire includes stellar artists such as Yayoi Kusama, Jean Michel Basquiat, Gunther Forg, and Andy Warhol. But Level & Co. is not merely about the display of exquisite art—it promises to deliver insightful market analytics to its clients.

Level & Co. is the latest venture of Evan Beard, the dynamic ex-Bank of America Art Services Executive, and the current Executive Vice President at Masterworks. Beard’s vision for this gallery is more than mere aesthetics—it’s about revolutionizing art market transactions. He is supported by Katherine Reid, a veteran in the field who has previously worked with Art Agency Partners and Sotheby’s. The duo brings with them an impressive track record, having sold $45 million of art in the past year.

Named after Andre Level, the French financier who started the first Art Investment Syndicate in 1907, Level & Co. carries forward his innovative spirit. Positioned in the heart of New York’s Upper East Side, it plans to collaborate with art market intermediaries such as galleries, art advisors, and auction houses.

Masterworks has already made significant strides in democratizing the art world. With its unique platform that allows fractional ownership of high-profile artworks, it has opened the doors to art investment for individuals beyond the ultra-wealthy demographic. Level & Co. takes this a step further by giving investors a tangible connection with their art investments. Now, fractional owners can see their owned artworks and understand their placement in the ecosystem.

In a marketplace often criticized for its exclusivity and lack of transparency, Level & Co.’s model marks a significant shift. It combines the allure of high-value art with the clarity of market analytics. This innovative approach empowers investors, allowing them to make informed decisions based on data and trends analysis.

The launch of Level & Co. reflects an exciting new chapter in art investment. It promises to establish a thriving ecosystem that benefits all art market stakeholders, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose. Level & Co. hopes to push the boundaries of the traditional gallery model and usher in era of change for the art world. If they’re successful in that vision, that change would promises greater transparency, inclusivity, and collective ownership of works.

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