Kush Fine Art Gallery, an iconic landmark in Lahaina, Hawaii, has unfortunately succumbed to the raging wildfires that have affected the region recently. The gallery had to temporarily shut its doors due to the damages.

Speaking on the tragedy, the gallery’s founder, Vladimir Kush, remarked, “Maui has been my home for many years, and witnessing such devastation in what I consider almost my hometown is truly heart-wrenching. While I am deeply thankful for the safety of our staff, my heart goes out to all those who have lost loved ones and their homes in this tragedy.” Kush also expressed gratitude for the overwhelming messages of support and best wishes that have poured in from art collectors and friends alike.

Over two decades ago, Kush embarked on what he calls a “Metaphorical Voyage” when he opened Kush Fine Art in Maui. The quaint, historic town of Lahaina holds unparalleled significance in the artist’s life and artistic journey. Kush’s initial steps in Maui date back to 1992, where he began by painting portraits across Lahaina. His artistic trajectory witnessed a pivotal turn as he gradually moved to showcasing his art in town galleries. Notably, many of his pieces draw inspiration from Maui’s rich tapestry of visual metaphors, artifacts, and the island’s ethereal beauty, encompassing themes ranging from family, love, and history to Greek mythology.

In 2001, with help from his father, Oleg Kush, Vladimir opened the doors of Kush Fine Art Gallery in Lahaina to the public. Their joint efforts in painting the gallery walls marked the inception of Kush Fine Art as a business venture. The years that followed saw the American cultural landscape embrace Kush’s distinct style, termed “Metaphorical Realism”. This unique brand of art, with its roots embedded in Lahaina, attracted visitors from across the globe annually.

Despite the setback from the fire, Kush remains indefatigable. His recent venture, the inauguration of a new gallery in Miami Beach, stands testament to his undying passion and expansive vision for his art. Today, art enthusiasts can experience the mesmerizing world of “Metaphorical Realism” at various Kush Fine Art Galleries spanning the West Coast to the East Coast, including locations like Las Vegas, NV, Laguna Beach, CA, and Miami Beach, FL.

Kush Fine Art Galleries promises to continue enchanting the world with its distinctive artistic offerings for years to come.

Our hearts go out to them,

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