Beacon Gallery‘s latest exhibition, Fern L. Nesson: TILT!, aims to reinvent the commonplace in an ever-changing world of art, where the visual medium is as fluid as the viewpoints it portrays. This one-of-a-kind art exhibition will open on September 1st and will run until October 29th, 2023, at the gallery’s South End venue.

Fern L. Nesson, a multidimensional Cambridge artist, explores the world of abstract monochromatic photography in TILT!. The show depicts the spirit of changing viewpoints and how familiar situations or items change when viewed from different angles. The heart of this work is in embracing numerous points of view rather than simply subscribing to a single, force-fed gravitational worldview.

Nesson’s images wonderfully juxtapose a cosmic reality – that planets revolve around the Sun – with a cosmic truth, drawing profound inspiration from Nicolaus Copernicus and the momentous Copernican Revolution, challenging viewers to realign their worldview, just like Copernicus did. Nesson’s art invites us to seek out novel truths by simply shifting our perspective.

Beacon Gallery’s Founder and Director, Christine O’Donnell, acknowledged her respect for the artist, saying, “We are overjoyed to showcase Fern Nesson’s award-winning photography.” Her work is notable not only for its intellectual depth, but also for its unrivaled ability to convert the everyday into unfiltered abstractions. Her work stands out because of the various angles she uses to capture architectural details.”

An opening reception from 5-8 pm on September 1st is planned for anyone who want to see Nesson’s creations. A stimulating online discussion with Griffin Museum of Photography Executive Director Crista Dix is also planned for September 12th at 7 p.m. Additional events are planned for the month, including one in partnership with SOWA’s First Friday, with a closing celebration on October 28th offering an educational exhibition walkthrough with Crista Dix.

Art enthusiasts can visit the official website of Beacon Gallery for additional information and to register.

Who is Fern L. Nesson?

Fern L. Nesson is more than just a talented photographer; she is an epitome of knowledge, having studied law and American history. She has an intuitive capacity to include physics components into her works, giving viewers a deep grasp of time, space, and perception. Maine Media College has awarded her an MFA in Photography and recognized her contributions as the institution’s premier post-graduate Fellow. Her work has been shown at prestigious galleries such as the MIT Museum Studio, Harvard’s Meta-Lab Gallery, and Los Angeles’ Auburn Art Gallery. Her photobook “Signet of Eternity” has also been displayed prominently in galleries such as the Davis-Orton Gallery and the Griffin Museum.

This exhibition aims to provide a new perspective on both art and the world around us. So, mark your calendars and be a part of this life-changing adventure.

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