Brittney Palmer, contemporary artist and UFC Octagon Girl, is all set to captivate the Las Vegas Art District with her new art show titled “High Frequency”, opening at the vibrant Kaleidoscope Studios on July 6th. Palmer’s work, curated by Inner Gold Collective, promises to weave a rich tapestry of human experiences, echoing themes of empowerment, energetics, and self-discovery.

Brittney Palmer, celebrated worldwide for her unique artistic vision and adept execution, utilizes this show as a testament to her healing journey through art. “High Frequency” illuminates her skill in various artistic techniques, cementing her position in the contemporary art space.

Housed in the artistic nucleus of Las Vegas, Kaleidoscope Studios, the exhibition promises an immersive experience. Attendees will journey through an ethereal realm illuminated by Palmer’s vivid artwork, amplified by expertly designed lighting, frequency-infused sound, and atmospheric elements.

The evening aims to unite art enthusiasts, collectors, and admirers, offering them an opportunity to engage with Palmer. Guests can delve into her creative process and the narratives behind each evocative piece.

“Las Vegas, my hometown, has always been a city of artistic expression, albeit not fully grasped by everyone—mirroring my internal journey as an artist and in life. The opportunity to share my latest work in the burgeoning Arts District through “High Frequency” resonates as a full-circle moment for me,” reflected Palmer.

Florence paints words into a canvas of art critique. She sees the world through a prism of hues. Her pensées? As vivid as an oil palette.