Booboo ‘Nils’ Stewart embraces a new spotlight after a brilliant career that includes appearances in major films such as Twilight, Disney’s “Descendants,” and X-Men: Days of Future Past. This time, the performing stage has been replaced by an art gallery. Stewart’s debut artistic exhibition will be held at New York City’s renowned Park West Gallery SoHo.

The grand opening begins with a media night on July 19th and conclude with a humanitarian stint with ‘God’s Love We Deliver’ on July 20th. Finally, Stewart’s artworks will be available to the public beginning July 21st.

“Things I Don’t Know How To Talk About,” Stewart’s exhibition, offers a diverse mix of items ranging from drawings to sculptures and a live drawing performance. Stewart’s 2.3 million Instagram followers have created a viral buzz about the exhibits opening.

“Things I Don’t Know How To Talk About,” Stewart’s exhibition, throws everything at it. He’s created items ranging from drawings to sculptures and a live drawing performance. Stewart’s creativity extends beyond the camera, as evidenced by the artwork, which was anxiously awaited by his 2.3 million Instagram followers. “Drawing, ever since I can remember, has always been the thing that makes me feel most like myself,” he says.

Stewart’s personal experience, feelings, and thoughts have been put onto canvas through committed hours in his Los Angeles workshop. Park West’s Executive Vice President, John Block, describes Booboo as “a talented artist, he’s incredibly humble, kind, and easy to be around,” and predicts a bright future for Stewart in the art world.

Park West Gallery SoHo is a landmark in the art world, featuring works by world-renowned painters such as Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dal, and now, Booboo Stewart. The debut of the actor-turned-artist is expected to draw a wide range of people, including art collectors, media professionals, influencers, and fans.

Booboo Stewart’s artistry is a revelation, if the press photos the gallery shared are any hint of the final exhibit. His work is a refreshing divergence from the norm, promising an exciting future in New York’s art scene. In a world where authenticity is often hard to come by, Stewart’s first exhibit brings sincerity, passion, and his unique vision to the table.

This artistic reveal will take place on Friday, July 21st, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. As Booboo Stewart enters the cultural arena, he asks the public to rediscover him as an artist beyond the screen. If you’re in the NYC area, stop by to partake in a blend of creativity and passion.

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