Attached to the Mouse: Disney and Contemporary ArtPan-demonium resonates with the current global politicalm ecological and economic situation - one in which the hegemonic forces of order have been overwhelmed by a dynamic of chaos and disorder, turning the world 'upside-down'. Does it offer a metaphor for a critique of global capitalism and its 'devils' - its pan-demons - in all their guises (pan-demics included)? Or perhaps it conjures up collective creative forces for political challenge and the re-inscription of Pan in contemporary mythology? bricolagekitchen invited visual, sonic and written responses to the idea of Pan-demonium and brought this together in an exhibition presented at the AC Institute [Direct Chapel] New York, 3 September - 10 October 2009. This exhibition, documented and explored in this publication, assembled a cacophony of over fifty contemporary artistic responses and global voices gleaned via the web in a panorama of sound, text, visual and moving imagery, celebrating the affective power of disorder and noise.


So, what does Pan-demonium mean to you?




Essay by Gillain Whiteley, pp 3-31.

11 black and white illustrations.

Dimensions: 6" x 9"


Published by the AC Institute in conjunction with the exhibition
Pan-demonium presented at AC Institute [Direct Chapel], 3 September - 10 October 2009.

All proceeds from this catalogue are dedicated to the mission of the AC Institute.


Printed in the United States, August 2009.
ISBN 978-0-9841309-0-0

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