Attached to the Mouse: Disney and Contemporary Art

Attached to the Mouse: Disney and Contemporary Art"In her innovative book Attached to the Mouse Holly Crawford examines the appropriation of the iconic images of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck with thoughful scholarship and spirited humor."--Peter Selz, Professor Emeritus, History of Art, UC Berkeley.

"Enjoyable, brilliant, readable, and enormously informative. The seminal study of how mass media institutions, Disney and Art function in our culture, written with flashes of humour. It's likely to be a premier resource for years to come." --Professor Manuel Alvarado, Arts & Media, City University, London, UK

"For at least a half-century Mickey Mouse, ears and all, has served as one of the most potent icons in contemporary visual culture. The poster boy for everything from cinematic innovation to American cultural 'imperialism,' the animated rodent is freighted with a veritable encyclopedia of inference. Not surprisingly, artists the world over -- and especially Mickey's countrymen and -women -- have fixated on the simply, distinctively drawn figure. But however much that (deceptively) ingenuous face and unique silhouette turn up in Pop paintings, social-commentary cartoons, and even abstract sculpture, writers and historians have let Mickey's ubiquity pass without substantial comment. Until now. Defying the perils of post-modernist close reading, pop-culture fetishism, and the fabled wrath of Disney Corp., Holly Crawford proffers an exhaustive documentation, classification, and analysis of Mickey's many appearances in the visual art of our time. Her study fills a gap in the critical history of recent art, not to mention in Mouseology."--Peter Frank, Critic and Curator


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Attached to the Mouse, Disney and Contemporary Art,UPA an imprint of Roman and Littlefield, July 2006.
ISBN 0-7618-3474-5

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